On the Journey, know Christ is here.

20 Dec 2020 by Rev Andrew Smith in: Letters, Thoughts, News

On the Journey, know Christ is here.

From Rev Andrew Smith
Presbytery Minister - Congregation Futures

You may recall some stories from earlier in the year about Eurobodalla UC receiving financial donations for distribution to people and businesses in the local community affected by the summer bushfires. The donations came from other Uniting Church congregations (as far away as Brisbane!!) and from the Target bushfire appeal grant through Uniting.

The stories included some very moving moments as church folk met with people still affected by the fires who thought they had been forgotten, and who were so overwhelmed by being remembered with gifts of first aid kits, bikes and gift cards. The gifts were accompanied by a card designed by the congregation with the following wording: 
This is a small gift from the local Uniting Church
to let you know we are thinking of you.
Recovery from the fires will take time.
If we can assist by taking a few steps beside you
on the journey, know that we are here.

As we come to the end of the year, it is a delight to share some more of the responses that the congregation has received from the people who were helped by the gifts. May these responses fill you with expectancy for the hope, joy, peace and love of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ this Advent and Christmas and every day. May you know Christ is here.

“Thank you so very much for your kind support and your wishes. It has been a difficult time for everyone as well as the flora and fauna.  I am using your kind gift for replanting of trees, shrubs - a garden.  Thank you again.”

“I met with my hairdresser this morning and she was overcome with the store gift card. She messaged me later and said she felt very blessed and to convey her heartfelt thanks to all who had provided the card.”

“I cannot thank you and your Parish enough for your very kind and welcome gift.  I received your card when I was going through a very rough spot.  I have lost all my garden and trees that I have nurtured for over forty years now, but Spring has come and now new life has returned.  With much love and thanks I have spent the money on new trees and a garden hose. I also bought two most welcome lamb griller chops!  Thank you for helping me feast like a queen.”

“Thank you so much for your recent gift.  It was so nice to receive something spontaneously, without having to prove you were burnt out and then sign again, before being granted anything.”
“Thank you so much.  This will help provide some winter clothes for the children.  It was so nice to know we have not been forgotten.”