From Kippax Konnex to Kippax Konnet

19 Sep 2021 by Rev Karyl Davison in: Letters, Thoughts, News

From Kippax Konnex to Kippax Konnet

From Kippax Uniting Church
Rev Karyl Davison and Rev Aimee Kent

What do you do when your church camp falls in the middle of lockdown?  You move it online!  That’s right – rather than missing out on our much loved Kippax Konnex for the second year, our amazing team created a series of experiences that enabled us (about 100 people over the weekend) to engage, connect and worship while still following Covid restrictions.

KK kicked off on Friday night with a Life of Pi Watch Party.  Then on Saturday morning participants, who lived in the same geographical area, were gathered into groups of 5 to enjoy a walk in their neighbourhood. 

That was followed by lunch and trivia using Kahoot, a game based learning platform.  Fun and learning for all ages!!!
Competition was fierce on Saturday afternoon as we played online board games like Dinosaur Tea Party ‘together.’

For a complete change of pace, over wine and cheese at 5pm we ‘gathered’ to explore the origins of the Lord’s supper and what it might look like if this sacrament were freed for mission.

One of the highlights of the weekend was story time with the children.  We were encouraged to create our own cubby house, and instead of adults reading the children bedtime stories, some of the kids told the adults bedtime stories.   My favourite was A Bus Called Heaven.

The night didn’t end there though.  Over supper older participants learned more about each other as we shared stories, read a poem or a song that meant something to us.  It was a great way to connect and build relationships with each other.

Sunday began with intergenerational worship on the theme of Hope.  Drawing on the story of Noah, we went into breakout groups, each providing a different way to reflect on Hope.  One group used lego to build something that was hopeful. Similarly, an arts & crafts group created something that expressed their hope.  A third group reflected on boats, water and animals and invited stories on hope centred around them.  Science experiments were the feature of another group who made popcorn as a metaphor for hope.  Group five join in a mindfulness practice, while the final group engaged in a discussion about where to find hope in the world right now.  Using an online interaction platform called Menti, each of our prayers for the people were combined to create this word cloud. 

 One of our teens, Chloe, loves to bake, so after worship she demonstrated how to make our own morning tea: chocolate cake in a mug.  First we gathered together our ingredients then worked our way through the recipe.  The end result was delicious!!

We were encouraged to have a picnic lunch outside, to bring along some chalk and write or draw messages of love and hope on our driveways for people passing by on their daily walks to see.

The fun continued with a very exciting scavenger hunt after lunch combining items gathered over the weekend and quick fire finds from around the house.  Points were awarded for speed and creativity. 

Our weekend ended with us sharing our dreams for what Kippax might look like in 5 years time which included greater missional engagement out in Ginninderry and an expansion of what we offer at the Kippax Centre.  One of our reflections was around the surprising depth of connection between younger and older members of the congregation that this mode of gathering enabled. It was a delightful surprise and one we hope to continue.